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Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Beautifully Bald Educational Dolls for Children or Adults in Treatment for Cancer... Bee Brave Buddies Meet Bestie Brave

Beautifully Bald Dolls for Children or adults with Cancer

Meet our Bee Brave Buddies, Educational  Cancer Dolls designed  and gifted by 

Baby Bonbons

We would love to introduce you to Bestie Brave, a very special super soft doll designed by Rosanna Hope for 
Baby Bonbons to be a NEW BEST FRIEND doll. 
 Bestie Brave is one of the Bee Brave Buddies collection of dolls for children or adults undergoing treatments for cancer and other serious diseases who need a soft hugable doll to take to their treatments to make them feel brave.  
Bestie Brave comes in brightly printed silky fabrics and her her  long patterned leggings are printed with special words, Giggle, Love, Play, Hope, Dream, Snuggle, Cuddle, Laugh, Hugs, Kiss, Brave Etc. 

Each doll is shipped with a big bow headband and soft Minky cape. Bestie Brave is designed Beautifully Bald with a big Pink Love Heart on the back of her head. Baby Bonbons is gifting as many dolls as possible this season to children around the world who  are having chemotherapy or in remission for childhood cancer. Our dolls are educational for Moms who need to teach their children how beautiful a person remains inside and out who are in treatment with Chemotherapy and the  about the loss of hair. 

Please drop by our new web site to nominate a child  to receive a Bee Brave Buddies  doll. You can also support our new project of placing dolls in arms of all children around the world by purchasing a doll and Baby Bonbons will  then also gift another doll to a child on our nomination list. Share the love with us this year. We love your support. We are not a non profit. Warmly, 
                                                                            Rosanna Hope

Meet our little friend  who just received one of our Bee Brave Buddies dolls

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rosanna Hope fo rBaby Bonbons Gives Back 2015...Chemotherapy dollies Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles

Meet Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles, Babybonbons two new original Forever Best Friends

I am personally in remission  for Chronic Myelogenous  Leukemia for the past 12 years. I was fortunate to be in the beginning trials of a magic pill, Gleevec at Stanford which saved my life. I also cannot thank Dr. Brian Druker enough for his dedicated work with this drug and others medicines and treatments that have followed. 

Although I am adult, I had a special little friend on my bed during my illness that comforted me and now I am very  excited to be able to design, sew and share our dolls with children around the world who would love a new friend to hug and love and one they can identify with. 

Buddy Brave is Babybonbons  adventurous super Hero with special magical powers and Catie Cuddles is our silky snuggley new bestie!

Each dollie is a "Forever New Best Friend" and is stuffed with a huge amount of LOVE AND HUGS in made in the USA in our Babybonbons studio in Miami.  They will put a big smile on the face of all little boys and girls. Our first group of dolls are ready and packing up to meet their new mommie and daddies . Babybonbons is gifting as part of our 2015 Giving Back project dolls this week to Joe DiMaggio Hospital, oncology department in Hollywood Florida.

The past years have been so special for Babybonbons and we want to give some love back now. Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles have been designed to become a new best Friend to children around the world who are facing the stress of illness, childhood cancers, bulllying, autism or simply need a big snuggle or some magical powers. Both dolls are intially bald with big hearts xoxoxo printed on the back of their heads and come with matching hats or headbands. In addition to selling these dolls in our Etsy shop, Babybonbons will be gifting Forever Best Friend dolls around the world to children in need throughout the year. 

Buddy Brave is printed from a Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons original design on a silky, polyester fabric, he comes with a large plushy minky removable cape so he can fly through the air and a special BB ball cap with magical powers. He has a big red heart xoxoxo printed on the back of his head and has a bright blue mask printed on his face for his super adventures. 

He is just the right size around for little hands to hold and hug him. We know how much little children love to snuggle and understand the experience of touch, so we have used a silky satin fabric  and super plush minky. Buddy Brave is about 18 inches long.

Catie Cuddles is just adorable, dressed in vintage  pastel ruffled lace and silk posies. 
The back of of Catie Cuddles is designed  as alittle a soft pillow to snuggle and love  in pretty shades of plushy minky. 
She has a big pink heart printed on the back of her head xoxoxoxox   LOVE
and she  either comes with a soft knit hat with long ribbon polka dot braids which have been sewn into the hat or headband with or without the braids, (your choice)  When you take off the hat Catie is bald which a child going through Chemo therapy can identify with and also gives parents a tool to explain the her hair loss  and show her how cute she will still be.

  WE can also sew hats on dollie for children  not experiencing Chemo. She is a perfect soft doll for all children and even adults and she is a perfect Best Friend Forever for everyone. She is universal.
 Her silky long leggins are exclusively printed with special words, Laugh, twinkle, dream, hope, sweet, dazzle, kiss, giggle, fun, hugs,  magic, cuddle, snuggle, play, to give all girls little or big , a feeling of empowerment. These dolls are very special and will Forever be your little girls best freind to laugh and cry with, Catie is around 18 inches long, her long arms are very huggable!
Dolls can be washed, instrucitons come with dollies, There will be other matching items soon, books, plates , plush blankets, paper dolls, mugs etc. 

You can view our dolls on my Etsy shop, I look forward to everyone passing the word regarding this dollies. They are eager to meet their new mommie and daddies. Please forward all questions through the Etsy shop if possible as I read these messages 24/7.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Luxurious baby, toddler and little girl lingerie, shabby chic vintage lace embellished nightgown and bed jackets/short robes by Rosanna Hope for Baby Bonbons

We absolutely adore our new New collection of little girl lingerie
The collection is called "The Vintage White Rose Collection"
Choose from yummy long white nightgowns trimmed in stunning vintage laces in soft blush pinks, champagne/ecru and whites embellished with tiny embroidered rose buds.
Gowns can have these beautiful lace caps sleeves, or tiny puffed sleeves.
Choose long sleeves, just drop us a note to custom these luxurious gowns.
Add lovely little short vintage styled bed jackets to match. The bed jackets are toasty, make in the softest flannelette, also trimmed in delicate lace to match and they tie with a big organza bow at the neck.
WE love detail and so decided to  add 3 tiny lace covered buttons to fasten in the back with  loops.

You can order the gorgeous nightgowns alone or as a set.
Drop over to to order
for information drop me a note at and add nightgown to the subject.
We can custom these for your little princess for her birthday, Christmas morning, and for your favorite flower girls as a gift.
Order in sizes 12 month to size 8.
Order early for Christmas morning. Your pictures around the Christmas tree will be so special when she is wearing this beautiful vintage lace Baby Bonbons  pegnoir set!
hugs Rosanna

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Bonbons is excited to share ... we were nominated to the Martha Stewart American Made Choice Awards... we need your votes please !

Unique vintage lace skirt, The Shirley by Rosanna Hope for Baby Bonbons

Celebrate American Made- Baby Bonbons is nominated to Martha Stewart's American Made Audience Choice Awards 2013

Baby Bonbons proud to design its luxurious items for babies and children, including heirloom-quality clothing embellished with vintage lace and unique baby gifts printed with original art, in the USA.

Matching vintage lace flower girl skirts by Rosanna Hope for Baby bonbons


LOLLY BONBONS  Matching Dolly  to your little gals vintage lace dress or skirt!

stunning vintage lace Flower girl skirt and matching organza blouse by Rosanna Hope For Baby Bonbons

If Baby Bonbons were to follow the trend today for businesses to be lured to less expensive overseas manufacturing, it would not be able to maintain the high standard of quality control. The owner, Rosanna Bernstein, loves creating each little detail, embellishing her clothing designs with tiny silk posies, flower brooches and gorgeous lace pieces, and she says she thrives on working with each client to custom-design the most stunning, unique, one-of-a-kind outfits for their little princess for that special occasion. Ms. Bernstein gets satisfaction in knowing that is increasing, instead of decreasing, jobs locally—she has added several by manufacturing her clothing in her company’s Miami Beach studio. She believes her products are safer having been made in the USA. One other plus: She finds she is able to meet her shipping fulfillments on time as she am not waiting for overseas shipments. American Made is a win-win for both Baby Bonbons and for its customers.

Baby Bonbons is thrilled to be nominated to the Martha Stewart 2013 American Made Audience Choice Awards alongside larger, exceptionally creative companies. "American Made spotlights the maker, supports the local and celebrates the handmade," says Martha Stewart.

And now, Baby Bonbons would love your support and votes. You can hit vote button six times each time you vote at this Baby Bonbon link: And you can vote every 24 hours until September 22. With each vote you are also entered to win an American Express gift card, signed Martha Stewart books and other surprises. Baby Bonbons thanks you for your sweet support!

As a girl, Ms. Bernstein adored drawing and stitching fanciful outfits for her dolls. She learned to love and appreciate beautiful pieces of old lace and linens rummaging with her parents through trunks at estate sales and dusty antique stores. Years of collecting and savoring these textile treasures has brought her full circle. She now designs and manufactures a delicate feminine clothing line. Her designs take life from the patterns, colors and textures of my vintage laces and trims. “A girl can never have too much lace or too many ruffles.”

When she first studied clothing design, Ms. Bernstein says that the feel of fabric became her passion. Her first design endeavors were sumptuous hats and purses for the Kentucky Derby, then luxurious felted-wool purses usung the blended wools from the sheep on her Minnesota farm. Recently, she was introduced to digital art. Now, she combines her whimsical children's watercolor drawings -- printed on silky fabrics for baby blankets -- with brightly colored fabrics to produce unique baby gifts and accessories. In the future, she hopes to launch Baby Bonbon Boutiques and have a larger presence on the Internet.

What Makes Baby Bonbons Unique

Several years ago, a well-known 50-year old South Florida textile store went to auction and Ms. Bernstein was fortunate to take home hundreds of bolts of the most stunning unique laces from years past. She never fails to be inspired by their beauty when she walks through her racks of extraordinary old lace. “I feel that one reason my baby and little-girl clothing line is unique is because of these special vintage beauties,” she says.

Her lace lends itself to feminine designs for special occasions. Her custom-made, ruffled, vintage-lace flower-girl dresses and skirts have been shipped to Canada, England, New Zealand and Aus
tralia, as well as all across the U.S. They have been successfully featured in Zuilily events.

When a little girl wearing a Baby Bonbon Lacey "Rufflie" arrives at a party, she lights up the room.

Ms. Bernstein feels her business has grown so successfully over the years because she is able to pamper each of her customers the way she would love to be pampered as a customer. This is made possible because she designs and creates her products in the USA.

To order Baby Bonbons’ unique baby and toddler clothing and accessories, please visit the company on:


Facebook: Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons.

Twitter: Babybonbons.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Soft Plushy Personalized Children's Nursery upholstered Rocking chair Trendy Francine La Froggie by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

We are so excited to show off  our first piece of Babybonbon Furniture!
Francine La Froggie is the focal point on the front of this adorable baby/toddler chair for your little gal's special room. The chairs are  made from scratch with study hard woods and upholstered with the softest foams covered in dacrons. This chair is designed and made completely in the USA  by Babybonbons which we are very proud to announce!

Francine La Froggie is one of our old friends here at Babybonbons and you can also add her on  sweetest plushiest baby blankets for your special nursery decor or baby shower gift for your very special little arrival, even add Francine on a soft baby onesie or lace trimed t shirt for your toddler. We can supply extra matching fabrics for your nursery sewing projects to coordinate and also order matching wall papers in the sweetest plaids, polka dots and even froggier herself!
One special new feature, you can add a personalized name on the back of your little rocking chair.  This is not monogrammed but printed directly professionally onto the fabrics. All our fabrics are printed in USA professionally and designed by Rosanna Hope. We have used 5 adorable fabrics in this chair. But if you don`t want pink, just give us a call or note and we will change the main background to yellow, greens, lavenders, blues!  So easy to customize this chair for your special space.
So just drop by our Etsy shop to see our new debut  of our Froggie Rocker. Any of our designs or fabrics can be upholstered onto one of these adorable rockers, so shop around and send us a note. We can also use your own fabrics to upholster the chairs if you want to combine your fabrics.
Froggie also comes on a larger luxurious silky/Minky baby blanket 27x27 inch

Add charming matching pillows and you will have one of the most unique nursery
designs.  Give these little gifts at your next baby shower and you will hear oohs and aahhs through the room. Mommie and friends will adore these original baby treasures.

Our next piece of furniture planned is a similar upholstered chair with a square back for your little guy either in Football or soccer theme.  Next we are planning a fancy shabby chic chaise for your little diva with Sophia Ballerina featured on the chair , tiny little rose buds and lots of lace flounces around the bottom!

Our chairs start at $250.00 plus shipping so please drop over to our Etsy shop
Also please drop by Facebook page Rosanna Hope For Babybonbons and LIKE the page for special sales and coupons on all our our baby and toddler Yummies by Babybonbons!  We will be doing regular give aways to our followers on Facebook starting very soon. Please share with your friends!
Thanks for visiting our Blog today and please leave us to note to tell us what you think about our new Babybonbons Rockers!  Even the little rocker is painted to match the chair!  And we have added a little touch of pink lace across the front to make this very very special !
Have a great day,
Rosanna Hope

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage Lace Ruffled Birthday and Flower Girl Toddler and Baby skirtsby Rosanna Hope For Baby Bon Bons

Drop over and see my latest passion, My beautiful baby and toddler vintage lace skirts. They are perfect for your little gal for not only casual wear with her old worn out leather boots and leggins, but equally as stunning walking down the else at a shabby chic or destination beach wedding. They are getting rave reviews from my new clients. They come in all color combinations from the solid ecru laces, pastels to the deep rich gem tone colors. I am making the little Rufflies as we call them here at Baby Bon Bons in Baby sizes 12 month to 24 and Toddler sizes 2 to 5.

 Many of the little skirts are embellished with hand made posies, little silk posies or beautiful large flowers that your little diva can wear as a brooch on her yummy skirt, her jeans or even as a barette in her hair.

 For years I have collected beautiful old pieces of lace at estate sales, flea markets or antique stores. I have always loved these little treasures and not too long ago had a fabulous adventure at an 50 year old fabric store in south Florida that went out of business.  Too much excitement at the auction and I lost a little control and walked out with bolts and bolts of delicate vintage lace.  Thus, My little "Rufflies" were born and I am so excited to be able to share these special pieces of lace with you.
 These skirts are perfect for your little gals birthday party couture and they look adorable with snug little ballet sweetheart neckline bodysuits, boots or silky ballet slippers. I have seen some memorable family holiday pictures with one or two of their little gals dressed up in my little Rufflies and a few little Rufflies are about to walk down the else in New Zealand, England and here in the states. I cannot wait to see the pictures.

This little pink skirt comes with the sweetest little matching purse and the flower can be pinned onto a head band or worn on her shirt in addition . Drop by my Etsy shop to see the growing line of Baby Bon Bon Rufflies each day! Please inquire about wholesale orders for your shop today. All the skirts are lined so no scratches. Skirts can be shipped internationally , just drop a note for pricing.

Have the sweetest New Year filled with lots of love and lace,
Rosanna Hope

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper Fabric by Rosanna Hope for Baby Bonbons

Mommy's Little Helper fabric by Rosanna Hope for Baby Bonbons

Just got my cute "Mommy's Little Helpers fabric back from  Spoonflower and it turned it perfectly. The colors are yummy and it is going to be adorable on the little vintage apron pattern I just found for the Stitch Rock INDIE show next weekend.
Fabric is available in my Rosanna Hope Studio at Spoonflower and also on my etsy shop.
The adorable four little helpers are dressed up in vintage aprons and having so much fun baking  fancy cupcakes, cookies and pies with their mommies.
I had it printed on Organic 56 inch wide sateen cotton and the colors came out just delicious.
Matching yummy posie cupcake fabric available and other cute little coordinates to debut next week.

Your little helper will love eating her little baked bonbons and treats on her own personalized plate to match this design.

These little plates can be ordered with your little fashionista's name printed right on the plates, just drop by web site or etsy shop
Plates are 10 inch melamine personalized, fda approved and bpa free.
Many more cute designs all on Etsy today.
Have a very sweet day and hope you all get to eat some fresh baked cookies today too!!
Rosanna Hope