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Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Beautifully Bald Educational Dolls for Children or Adults in Treatment for Cancer... Bee Brave Buddies Meet Bestie Brave

Beautifully Bald Dolls for Children or adults with Cancer

Meet our Bee Brave Buddies, Educational  Cancer Dolls designed  and gifted by 

Baby Bonbons

We would love to introduce you to Bestie Brave, a very special super soft doll designed by Rosanna Hope for 
Baby Bonbons to be a NEW BEST FRIEND doll. 
 Bestie Brave is one of the Bee Brave Buddies collection of dolls for children or adults undergoing treatments for cancer and other serious diseases who need a soft hugable doll to take to their treatments to make them feel brave.  
Bestie Brave comes in brightly printed silky fabrics and her her  long patterned leggings are printed with special words, Giggle, Love, Play, Hope, Dream, Snuggle, Cuddle, Laugh, Hugs, Kiss, Brave Etc. 

Each doll is shipped with a big bow headband and soft Minky cape. Bestie Brave is designed Beautifully Bald with a big Pink Love Heart on the back of her head. Baby Bonbons is gifting as many dolls as possible this season to children around the world who  are having chemotherapy or in remission for childhood cancer. Our dolls are educational for Moms who need to teach their children how beautiful a person remains inside and out who are in treatment with Chemotherapy and the  about the loss of hair. 

Please drop by our new web site to nominate a child  to receive a Bee Brave Buddies  doll. You can also support our new project of placing dolls in arms of all children around the world by purchasing a doll and Baby Bonbons will  then also gift another doll to a child on our nomination list. Share the love with us this year. We love your support. We are not a non profit. Warmly, 
                                                                            Rosanna Hope

Meet our little friend  who just received one of our Bee Brave Buddies dolls

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