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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Journal adventure ... Faith

I just finished the second journal in the new adventure I joined on  Blue Frogslegs Moms Blogs. I am participating in a round robin art journaling  adventure with 8 talented artists.  The journal sent to me this month had a theme of FAITH and I was to do several  pages of art journaling around this topic. I have always  enjoyed the natural beauty of my  gardens and the peace and tranquility
 I have felt when  I am either sitting in my many gardens or getting my hands dirty digging.  I lose myself and can think and meditate and find it takes me to a special place.  I can think and plan more clearly and also find my garden a place of healing.    I am always in awe of the colors, shapes and amazing scents of perfume  surrounding me. Thus I focused  my pages for this journal on Mother Nature.  I did an original  water color of a wreath of flowers with Mother Nature looking lovingly at her new baby.  I found a beautiful quote to add to this page describing the Mother Nature I had painted
"Let us dance in the Sun wearing wild flowers in our Hair" by Susan Polis Shultz

 I added  a second page grounded by a quote by Ronald Reagan
                             "Gods Miracles are to be found in Nature itself"

To see a little larger click on the photographs.
Again we are supposed to keep these pages secret, but just had to give a litle preview of the page.  I am having so much fun with this new endeavor and beginning to learn a little more about this fascinating art form.

Hope everyone is getting ready for a busy week,
Have a sweet evening and drop me a post to say HI!
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Rosanna Hope


Kelly said...

Oh Rosanna, these are so beautiful :) I can't wait to put something special in your journal as I get it next month :) Man, its getting hard to wait for mine to return and see all the awesome entries in it :) Keep up the talented and awesome work, Kelly.

Rosanna Hope said...

Thanks Kelly,
I am earger also to get your journal and thanks for all the vey sweet comments this week, Best,

Corine said...

Oh my GOSH! I love these! :D Thank you so much for doing such beautiful art!!!!! ~ Only... I pray that mine will somehow be of interest to you creative, talented, artsy women! :O Honestly... I'm seriously praying for creative talent now. I will do my absolute best on yours, and everyones; I just hope you ladies like simple as well as complex! :O

Jan said...

love this!!