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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sneak Peek! Mc Lion personalized Babybonbon Bundle by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I have been working all weekend on my secret project I have been mentioning below and decided to give you all  a sneak peek at  what I am up to because I am so excited about it...I am working on a collection of luxurious  silky personalized baby blankets, . Each one is going to be very different and to start off there will be about 12 designs in my Babybonbon collection both for little fashionistas and their little guy friends. I think these are going to be the perfect answer to all the new baby shower gifts we need each month.    I just  have to know the name and it will be delivered  gift wrapped as a sweet confection , A Babybonbon! 

I am delighted as to how these are turning out, still figuring out some of the sewing issues, but I could not wait to show you the first one I just put together.  I  would love to have your feedback if you wouldn't mind dropping me a note either here or to my email,  

 Mc Lion  is going to be number One.  He is a sassy  whimsical little circus lion that all the little girl lions can`t help flirting with!  I have personalized the name Zachary on this one.   These baby and toddler blankets (two sizes)  are going to be very unique,  plush, soft and cuddly. Each one  of the choices will have one of my hand drawn designs on them and will be custom printed just for you. I am also trying to keep them very afforadable .  I am  organizing Babybonbon Parties where there will be disounts given and giveaways...If you would be interested in hosting a party, drop me a note.

 There will be a choice of two different fabrics  that  the blankets will be printed on. Mc Lion is on a charmeuse and there will be complimentary fabrics  for all your matching sewing projects.   Okay more to come very soon.  Oh , if you want to see special details just click on picture to make it a little larger.
Keep in touch....Best,
Rosanna Hope

Trixie the tooth Fairy Pillow by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hand Painted Bitty Bonbon Bundles

Hope everyone is begining a fabulous weekend.

I am working on my new printed Babybonbon Bundle Personalized baby blankets  this weekend which I hope to have ready in about two weeks to show here. These were inspired from my handpainted Bitty Bonbon BlanketsThey are the perfect size for baby's stroller cover, car seat, bundling up baby and  for sure a  Sweet Cuddle.  One of my favorites is Mc Lion above and he is perfect for both little girl and boy babies.

I still have a few  handpainted "Bitty Bonbon Bundles" in my Babybonbon Etsy shop
They are so soft and painted on a poly charmeuse top and backed in the softest Plush.
The Berni Bears and twins!  Little Berni Boy and Little Berni Girl!

Very luxurious!
A few have little onesies to match.

Hope you all have a very sweet safe Holiday weekend and a yummy one too,
Rosanna Hope

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peppie La Poodle Goes to Paris....

Bonjour...Off to Paris for the weekend, well Peppie La Poodle is off anyway.  Peppie originally  sassily strolled on one of my hand painted silk baby  blankets about 2 years ago. She even  appeared  on little onesies, bibs and recently a very special baby Jacket made of silk charmeuse that I  hand painted featuring Peppie La Poodle which is presently in my Babybonbon Etsy store, size 12- 18 months.   This jacket is one of a kind. 

Your little diva can go to that elegant summer  affair and match mommy who is wearing black lace....her cuffs are made from the finest  vintage black lace and adorned in pink silk rosettes   On the back, Peppie is admiring her beauty in the long antique mirror.  Ooh lala!

Well today with the  technology of digital printing she is available of a wide variety of fabrics printed in several different sizes.  She even has two colorful complimentary fabrics Ooh La La  Stripes and Ooh La La Bubble Dots to help design  all your summer projects.   She is perfect for that little diva's new bedroom decor. Imagine picking up some fun vintage poodle items on eBay  to decorate this French  boudoir  get away.   Hey, this could be for a Grown Up too!

Oh yes, back to my surprise,  well just a little whisper or it will not be a surprise, Peppie La Poodle will soon make her 2010 Summer Debut Strutting her Stuff for real in a Paris scene on my new Babybonbon Bundles, personalized blankets by Rosanna Hope!

Au revoir and Have a very Sweet Day today ,

Rosanna Hope

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Francine La Froggie Fabric by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Today I want to introduce to you all, one of my charming little characters I am designing. Francine La Froggie.  Originally I  hand painted her on fancy little nursery design pillows and one of a kind charmeuse baby blankets. A few of these are featured in my Babybonbons Etsy shop.

When I received my Wacon drawing tablet last August, I redesigned Mademoiselle Francine  for fabric print and now she is available in several sizes on a variety of fabrics. She also has a complimentary fabric, Froggie Double Dots for quilt backs, little pinafores and and all nursery decor ideas. 

I have a little secret, Francine La Froggie is also one of the first of my brand new  collection of Babybonbons Bundles,  Personalized Baby Blankets by Rosanna Hope to be featured very soon. It won`t be long and I will be telling you all about them so stay tuned!
Have a real sweet day,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine Goes POP ART!

Jazzy Jasmine Fabric Goes Pop Art is a new fabric design collection by Rosanna Hope. After desiging the classic Warhol design from my original Jazzy Jasmine Doll Fabric,  I had  a request for a more subtle color wave, so now I have 4 color waves  and several different sizes of this little doll.

Jazzy Jasmine Classic is the true bright typical colors of a Warhol inspired design.
My other color waves at present are Jazzy Jasmine Aubergine, Jazzy Jasmine Olive and Jazzy Jasmine Mocha.  This fabric is printed either on a cotton quilting weight design or can be printed on Organic cotton. Also available is an upholstery fabric.

I also added Jazzy in a  coordinate striped pattern for her original design to compliment all your nursery designs.  Very soon, keep tuned , Jazzy Jasmine is featured on one of my personalized New Baby Blanket Design Collection.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine Fabric Dolly Pillow.....

I have always loved drawing and dressing my little dollies. Last fall I entered Jazzy Jasmine, an original hand drawn  geisha doll design into the Spoonflower Fabric Doll Contest. There were so many unique  special doll designs in the contest. Jazzy Jasmine was thrilled , but demure when she found out she had won the contest!

Jazzy Jasmine is a large scale printed fabric with back and front doll pattern,  She also can be reduced for fabric print for children's clothing.  Presently she is displayed as a 14 inch doll pattern . She makes the prettiest softest doll pillow for a gal from 1 to 100 . I have heard from many customers with the ideas they have used this fabric for. One gal ordered canvas weight fabric and made a window shade from her companion fabric, Jazzy Jasmine goes Pop Art.   Little sundresses and purses have been popular as well as Jazzy centered and featured on quilt projects.   I love her printed on Canvas for wall decor.

Embellishment is so fun with Jazzy. One gal even beaded her eye lashes.  I  adore  adding little silk flowers to her geisha obi and in her hair.
How Jazzy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ballerina Ballerina Sunday by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Morning All,
Hope everyone is having a lazy Sunday Morning with a yummy cup of  your favorite coffee and the Sunday news papers.

Today I am about to make a little Dance Bag for  a Babybonbons Etsy customer with my Dancing Davina  fabric that I recently designed. I may add a little of my pink Slippers and Roses  Classic Fabric for pocket inside. .
I am going into my vintage stash of fabrics to embellish the bag. . Last year I went crazy at a my favorite fabric store in Hollywood Florida.   I went to purchase something there and found out they were auctioning the entire store later in the week. The owner was 94 and had been in the same spot for over 50 years. I could not beleive all these little treasures were going by the way side.  Well yes, I attended the auction and my entire garage is full  now and in addition  a complete storage room of old laces, trims, embellishments, fabrics and braids, old buttons, eyelets in just about any width and color you can imagine., He had trims that still had the old phone numbers on them  CH 3-0304 from the old manufacturing  firms in NY that were no longer in business.At the time it was sooooooo exciting and I just could not do without them even though my daughter was calling me  hourly  to ABORT and leave ASAP, where was I ever going to find them again?  Now my husband is trying to keep his patience with me. Well you know what a passion for fabric does to a gal.  If you all are ever looking for little lace treasures, give me a call , I would love to share!.

I have the perfect little pink and purple eyelet trim pieces to embellish Dancing Davina and  by the end of the day she will be the perfect little dance bag ready to hold the  little ballet toe shoes and tutu  for dancing class this week. I illustrated this little dollie, Dancing Davina on my Wacom tablet recently. She can also be a soft little dollie for your special ballerina diva.  She is sold by the yard or fat quarter.  

Hope you have a very sweet day,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hand painted Sea Side Mermaid Baby Jacket by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

It is a sunny, toasty day here in Maimi, a perfect day to to go to the ocean  and start my summer reading.  I am reading A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick, a New York Times best seller and so intriquing. One of those  books you don`t want to put down, good beach reading.  

Although I am now concentrating on designing printed fabric, after returning from the beach one day  last year  , I was inspired to sit down and  hand paint this little Sea Side mermaid  and shell  toddler jacket. It is about a 12  18 month size.

I used a rayon charmeuse fabric to paint on  and Jacquard dye Na flow for the paints with  a  clear resist. The paints flow so beautifully on the charmeuse.   The hand on this jacket is so luxurious.  It  would  be precious over a bathing suit at the sea side resort or a little sundress, it is pretty fancy and one of a kind.  I adore the look of silk painting and in my fabric design now I  still try to achieve the same  free flowing watercolor feel.

I began by tracing my pattern on my fabric and painting  on the  front and back pattern pieces that  I needed to cut and sew the jacket. This allowed me to place my designs in exact position.  After painting the background of the front of the jacket, I cut and  appliqued the fish  with my viking embroidery machine.  I have a hugh stash of vintage and new fabrics and lined the jacket with a pretty pink eyelet fabric and little polka dot cuffs.

This little jacket is now in my Babybonbons Etsy shop.

hmmmm,  after writing this, I decided to try to replicate  this design  for one of my personalized blankets. I guess I may not get out to the beach today after all. But will  put my design up soon for all to see....
Have a sweet weekend,
Rosanna Hope

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Yummiest First Birthday Party Fabrics by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

MatchingYummiest First Birthday Party fabrics are available in addition to the pre printed Yummiest First Birthday Party complete ensemble One Yard cut and sew printed pattern.

 Olivia is One fabric is an adorable little dollie that is wearing the complete Yummy designed party outfit and can be made into a soft matching dolly for your little dollie!  Olivia is One is part of  The Yummiest First Birthday Party Fabric collection along with  the Yummiest First Birthday Sundae Cones, Fancy Party Stripes and the Yummiest Pink Bonbon fabrics. All can be printed on organic cotton, quilt weight cotton, knits  for little leggins or even upholstery weigh fabric . .  Peppie La Poodle of course is the star of this Party outfit and is also available separately for your quilts, table cloths and party decor.  Recently I stabilized the fabric and made little party bags  with Peppie on the front for the guests. 

My designs can be made smaller for children's clothing by contacting me. Also I can personalize many of my designs.  You could have a 2,3 or 4 on Peppie La Poodle's Birthday Cake.

All designs copyright Rosanna Hope
All rights reserved

The Yummiest First Birthday Party Fabric Collection by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Madeleine the Circus Monkey

This special little silky blanket is hand painted with non toxic dyes on polyester charmeuse and features my original design of Madeleine the Circus Monkey. She is an adorable sassy snazzy little monkey who was too precocious and wild for the zoo and was returned to the jungle. Along came the circus safari and this glamorous, charming fashionista Monkey was begged to join up and tour. The idea was irresistible, she packed her up her glamorous line of designer clothes and she never looked back.

This blanket has a beautiful little ruffle of lavender polka dots and is trimmed in gros grain ribbon. It is backed in softest plush light green minke fabric. Sure to be your babies most favorite item to touch and also to look at. She will giggle with joy when she sees it! Madeleine is enchanting.
Very soon, Madeleine will be available to personalize for your little guy or gal with coordinate fabrics for the nursery.