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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whimsical Mc Lion Onesie and Tee Shirts just came from the printers!

I am so excited with my latest printed baby onesies and toddler tee shirt tops. I just got Mc Lion back from the printer and it came out perfectly.  Mc Lion is so flirty and cute and his colors will make baby, mommy and daddy giggle with glee!

He is as cute coming as he is going!  This onesie is printed  in the sweetest blue original Bubble Dot design. This design also matches back to my latest Mc Lion bubble dot Fabrics which have several color waves and can be custom printed for you quilting weight cottons, the softest knits for matching pants, leggins and little jackets and  in organic sateen cottons.

To complete this ensemble don`t forget Mc Lion can be printed and personalized on a matching blanket top in the silkest  and most plush baby blanket around.

These onesies and Toddler tees are  $26.00 and will be wrapped like a sweet big bonbon for your gift giving. A gift card is included with one of my original children's illustrations on the front. Drop me a note to order or drop by my etsy shop above.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend,
Rosanna Hope

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Francine Froggie Onesie and Toddler Tee shirts by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Francine La Froggie is the second onesie printed from my original art work in the Babybonbon new children's clothing collection for babies and toddlers.
I am thrilled the way the vibrant colors printed on both the back and front of the little onesies, lap baby tees and Toddler tee shirts. Baby is going to coo with delight!
Froggie sits in her printed appliqued garden.
Coupled together with the luxurious silky little personalized blankets these make the perfect little children's holiday gift.  Of course you will get many WOW's at your next baby shower with this cute selection.
Drop by my Etsy shop, to purchase this design and while you are there don`t forget to check out Davina Ballerina and her friends.
There a total of 12 designs in this collection so please visit back as I will be blogging about several more this week.
I have matching fabrics available with each onesie and blanket so you can design a complete nursery or children's play room with sheets, curtains, adorable pillows or additional little baby jackets, pants, little tutu skirts or even knit leggins. My fabrics come in organic cotton sateen, cotton knit or quilting weight.  Allow 2 weeks for custom fabric orders.
Hope everyone is having a Happy December 1st.
Rosanna Hope

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Babybonbon's First Ballerina Onesie and Tee Shirt, Dancin' and Twirlin' by Rosanna Hope

My first printed Babybonbon Onesies came back from the printers yesterday and I am so thrilled with the vibrant colors .  Each design is printed on Baby onesies, baby lap shirts and toddler Tee tops.   They look adorable on your special little guy or gal both coming and going  with my  original  art on both sides.

I love  Sophia Ballerina, maybe because the background color is one of my favorites.
I hope to have little matching ballerina toe slippers to match this collection with tiny little rose buds  for your little ballerina soon.

Each one of the designs on the onesies is from one of my original drawings or paintings.
They coordinate to my baby blankets and  also little leggins and jackets and coordinate fabrics for your special gift giving and also all your fun sewing projects.

In addition, each piece is hand printed which helps to give this unique knit piece a very artsy and one of a kind look. Occasional small white lines near seams or creases add authenticity to the product of a hand crafted garment, Oh yes, I am proud to say these  are printed and designed in the USA.

Your future ballernia is going to just fall in love with this tee top or onesie and how CUTE under her favorite frilly tutu!
Most onesies and tee tops are printed on 100% polyester and a few designs are printed on 65% poly/ 35% cotton.  They can be machine washed and dryed and are very color safe.
They are extremely soft and come in all baby and toddler sizes.
Presently they can be ordered  in my etsy shop
 so please drop by for all your holiday gifts and also that special new baby shower.

My web site should be up in a few weeks.
Hope you all have a beautiful sweet weekend,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sophia Ballerina Onesie and Tee Top, Twirl, Dance, Happy Baby by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Sophia Ballerina is my latest little friend to be printed on this exciting new Babybonbon line of onesies and tee tops.
I originally painted this design in a water color mode. Sophia  is so whimsical and your little ballerina or future ballerina is going to fall madly in love with Sophia and will want all the little accessories to add to her
Sophia Ballerina collection.
This little onesie has the cutest little back and soon you can also  choose little flowered toe ballerina slippers for your little gal to  add to her fancy shoe collection.  Don't forget the flowered hats and colorful hair accessories to coordinate your little beauty!

Toddler Tees are available in size T2-T5 and will be the perfect topping for that favorite frilly Tu Tu of your little fashionista!  These are going to be the most loved presents under the Christmas tree this year and oh yes, Chanuka is just around the corner, so drop me a note for your pre order.  All my my little yummy designs are wrapped in the sweetest papers and the finished gift looks like a big Baby BONBON!

I am also designing coordinate fabrics for Davina Ballerina Collection so your little gal's special boudoir will be all Dance,Twirl and Dance!
Check back soon for additional fabric selections which you can have printed in the softest organic cotton sateen,  quilting weight cottons, cotton/linen canvas, and even a sheer fabric for the most feminine curtains.
These also can be personalized  or I can custom color your backgrounds.
This fabric is perfect for sheeting, quilts, curtains , pillows and also the cutest children's clothing design.

I would love to hear form you about this new collection. Please follow me for many new exciting happenings at Babybonbons.
Drop me a note if you are interested in any of the collections I am adding. Soon you will be able to go directly to my new Babybonbon web site which is currently under construction.
Oh yes, don`t forget that perfect little baby blanket to coordinate with this Davina Ballerina Collection.
I am sure your little ballerina is going to love love love this new design. I hope to have a little dolly to go with this very soon with little outfits for your little girl to dress. I would love to hear your ideas for this collection.
Hope you are having the sweetest day!
It is sunny and gorgeous here in Miami Beach,
Rosanna Hope

Maximilian The Dino is Dino-Mite Onesie and TEE top by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

This new  Dinosaur Onesie and Tee top designs by Rosanna Hope says it all on the back . Your baby is


For sure your little toddlers are going to love Maximilian. He is one of the sweetest and most lovable Dinosaurs on the market today and I promise you also will fall in love with him!
This Onesie design is Uni Sex and both your little gals and guys are going to look so adorable decked out in Maximilian.  This onesie will be available for all your baby shower gift giving within the next 2 weeks and don`t forget you can personalize a matching luxuriously silky charmeuse baby blanket with this
precious Dino on the front. Maximilian's baby blanket is backed in the softest plush Minky in addition, so drop me a line to pre-order these very special gifts and you will hear a big WOW when your friends open their Baby and Toddler gifts this year during the holidays.
Have a very sweet day!
Rosanna Hope

Fashionista Madeleine the Circus Monkey Baby Onesies and TEE tops by Rosanna Hope

Morning everyone.
Well Madeleine the Circus Monkey Onesie and and TEE top designs are on their way to the printers today to start sampling for my new collection .

Her Background may change to a much more vibrant color after samples return. I tried to add a very light yellow leopard design but not  sure this is going to come alive, especially since Madeleine adores glam and bling.  I would love to hear your ideas!!
Madeleine is a very feisty little circus Monkey and is the Fashionista of the Circus. She once lived in the jungle, but one day she was discovered by a famous circus safari looking for exciting attractions .  She was hanging from a hugh tropical banana tree dressed in one of her sassy feminine bright outfits and immediately she was invited to join their entourage and tour with the circus. Madeleine was just tickled and packed up her many trunks of boas and fancy shoes and polka dot and brightly colored monkey costumes and joined the circus that very day!!!

Well if you want to hear more about Madeleine's adventures, stay tuned as Madeleine is going to be the star of a little book soon.
She is definitely now the star Fashionista of the circus clan and your little baby will be the Star Fashionista in your family when she wears this adorable new Onesie design.  Oh yes,  also perfect for little Toddler Fashionistas in the softest TEE Tops... coming soon, little bolero jackets, big flowered hats and surprise accessories to go with Madeleine. And don`t forget to add a little blanket to your order to compliment this wonderful baby shower gift.

Please drop me a note with some follow up and follow my new blog for additional updates on Madeleine and all her little friends.   Also don`t forget there is a translation button, top right if you need to read this in a different language.
Please drop me a note for pre-ordering of this and soon you will be able to go directly to my new web site which is presently under construction to order all onesies, blankets, accessories and coordinating fabrics.

Onesies are so soft and come in 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12- 18 month and 18-24 month.
Tees in 2T to 4 T.

Oh don`t forget all little Babybonbons are  deliciously gift wrapped to look like the yummiest little Bonbon for your special gift giving.
Have a very sweet day,
Rosanna Hope

Miss Francine La Froggie Onesie and Tee tops for Baby "Toadally Adorable" by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I have spent the entire weekend working on my new collection of baby onesies and tee tops for baby and toddlers. Printing of my new collection begins tomorrow with the first 6 designs available by this time next week I am hoping.

Miss Francine La Froggie turned out as one of my new favorites.  She is just day dreaming sitting on top her lilly pad sunning herself in her fun funky flower garden. 
On both the back and the front of this onesie I have designed sweet little flowers and bugs that look like big flower appliques but they are printed directly  from my coordinate fabric patterns, Pink bubble dots, yellow bubble dots , green bubble dots and several stripped and plaid designs,  so plan on  making some adorable little clothes to match like little pants, jackets etc with these matching organic sateen cottons and the softest cotton knits you can imagine.

Oh yes, if you click on the onesies front and back above you can see a larger more clear example of the funky flower appliques printed on the onesies!

I just got back my first samples of the knit in the above designs and I was so excited to feel how soft and see how beautifullythey draped. The colors printed exquisitely. This collection of onesies and tees, blankets and little accessories will all coordinate for your little guy or gal. These are going to be the most unique baby shower gifts around soon and they all come wrapped in the yummiest papers and look exactly like a big delicious Bonbon for your special gift giving and especially a gift for your little dolly.

Miss Francine can also be printed directly onto the fabrics for nursery decor like bumpers, drapes, crib skirts, diaper bags, and soft knit sheets.

These little oneseis are especially soft and each one of my 12-15 new designs have one of my original hand painted little friends printed across the front on them.  They are extremely whimsical and particularly unique. I am working on additional little collections  also with my matching fabrics like the pink, yellow and blue bubble dots in the knits for baby tights , leggings and baby bolero jackets.  These should be available before the holidays . 

Oh  yes, baby can be swaddled in this adorable matching silky charmeuse baby blanket and you can put your special little babies name directly on the blanket This is sure to be an heirloom and from the comments I am receiving on the first ones on the market, babies are not letting go of these little luxurious "Tuckies" as we call them here at Babybonbons. They are too  soft and plush!

Okay it has been a long day and time for  bed for me, please drop by again tomorrow and see several more of my new onesie designs I am working on for the printers in the morning.  I am really thrilled the way these are coming out and the fronts and backs are TOADALLY  adorable both coming and going.  I can`t wait for you to see each one of these as one is cuter than the next and they are so different from others on the market presently

Have a very sweet evening and don`t forget to say HI when you visit Babybonbons!!!  I love your feedback and please let me know if you would like to be in on  my early ordering list of these little special items above.  You can order them in 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12-18 month,
18-24 month and all toddler sizes in the little TEE tops.
Nite nite and hugs,
Rosanna Hope

Monday, November 1, 2010

Floral Fantasy Fabric Collection by Rosanna Hope

For the past two weeks I have been out playing in my beautiful tropical garden. Our steamy summer is finally over here in Miami Beach and it is  a pleasure to step outside again and enjoy the sunshine and overhaul the overgrowth of the yard.

So I decided my patio needed a big change.  My cushions and umbrellas are a unique muted lavender and white to match the tiles in the pool . I designed a new fabric for pillows and table cloths and napkins. My inspiration was my blooming hibiscus with a little different modern  color twist.

My new collection of fabrics is called Floral Fantasy and there are 3 different color waves, Aubergine, Peach and White. I am still waiting for the white background to arrive from the printers,  so will blog about it later in the week.

In order to get the exact lavender match to my umbrella  I photographed the umbrella and then grabbed  and color matched the exact shade in photo shop for the background.  The printing on these fabrics turned out perfectly, is stunning and the exact aubergine shade I wanted. I added a coordinate Fantasy stripe and Fantasy Bubble dot which would be great for ruffles, pillow backs, curtains, and all quilting matching projects.
I love this floral design  for upholstery and plan to have this chaise upholstered this week for my outdoor garden room.

This fabric is  now available in organic cotton sateen which has the most beautiful and soft hand .  Also you can have it printed in linen canvas for uphostery and quilting weight cotton.  The silk is available for garments and luxurious scarves.
Please drop by my Etsy shop or drop me a note to order this fabric. The background of the peach is a yummy peachy coral color and  works so well with the Fantasy Bubble Dots and also the Fantasy stripes.

I am very excited to see the results of this garden  room transformation .
I would love to hear your feedback on this collection. If you are interested in any other background color for your special decorator needs please drop me a note to
I love working with designers  and private customers to help you design  unique patterns for your office or home.

Have a very sweet week and hugs, Rosanna Hope

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Babybonbons New Line of Baby Onesies, Tee Shirts by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I am so excited to be showing you all two of my first designs I am working on that will be part of my new Babybonbon baby clothing line.   Peppie La Poodle and Mc Lion are going to be available very soon on three sizes of baby onesies, baby lap tees and  5 toddler tees .   Also there are matching baby bibs. 

These little onesies are cute both coming and going and have adorable little designs right on Babies Tushie.
       And don't forget they match beautifully for your baby shower gifts needs to our  luxurious silky charmeuse baby blankets that can be personalized with babies name.

One of my favorites for little boys is our little  Mc Lion blanket. My little Grandson takes his to bed every night and fell in love with it the moment I showed it to him. He would not let me take the sample home that night.   To see the whimsical fun details on these designs, just click on the to enlarge.

I also just love the new Onesies and tees that make this a perfect gift for new moms.  Please drop me a line for further information regarding the new clothing line. These will also soon be available for wholesale.  If you would be interested please write me for information.

Adorable back of Lion onesies   RRRRRRRRRRRoar! 
Have a great day, back to the drawing board, many new designs in the next few days.

                                            Rosanna Hope

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Journal adventure ... Faith

I just finished the second journal in the new adventure I joined on  Blue Frogslegs Moms Blogs. I am participating in a round robin art journaling  adventure with 8 talented artists.  The journal sent to me this month had a theme of FAITH and I was to do several  pages of art journaling around this topic. I have always  enjoyed the natural beauty of my  gardens and the peace and tranquility
 I have felt when  I am either sitting in my many gardens or getting my hands dirty digging.  I lose myself and can think and meditate and find it takes me to a special place.  I can think and plan more clearly and also find my garden a place of healing.    I am always in awe of the colors, shapes and amazing scents of perfume  surrounding me. Thus I focused  my pages for this journal on Mother Nature.  I did an original  water color of a wreath of flowers with Mother Nature looking lovingly at her new baby.  I found a beautiful quote to add to this page describing the Mother Nature I had painted
"Let us dance in the Sun wearing wild flowers in our Hair" by Susan Polis Shultz

 I added  a second page grounded by a quote by Ronald Reagan
                             "Gods Miracles are to be found in Nature itself"

To see a little larger click on the photographs.
Again we are supposed to keep these pages secret, but just had to give a litle preview of the page.  I am having so much fun with this new endeavor and beginning to learn a little more about this fascinating art form.

Hope everyone is getting ready for a busy week,
Have a sweet evening and drop me a post to say HI!
Don't forget to follow me on the side bar. It puts a big smile on my face
Rosanna Hope

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peppie Poodle is Born to shop the Holiday Season

Perky Pink Peppie Poodle is curly and cute

She dances and prances in her Holiday Suit!

Shopping she adorns during the holiday season

Fabulous gifts for all her friends, thats the main reason!

Peppie La Poodle struts her stuff on the Champs-Elysees. Her  four legged friends are going to be delighted with her fabulous selections for Christmas this year!  And your little fashionista is going to look Tres Jolie in her little onesie or tee shirt on xmas morning with Peppie La Poodle printed on the front. This can be personalized in addition or perhaps Just  a few words to Santa,  "I have been adorable and sweet this year Santa!"
She has matching fabrics that can be printed in addition She can be printed in her Santa hat on a variety of fabrics for your holiday decor. She is adorable on little pillows.
Hope you all are having a great day. We are waiting for a tropical storm which is about to arrive here in Miami     Hugs,
Rosanna Hope