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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Yummy Toy Tea Party by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I am thrilled as I  just finished the 11th design in my First Babybonbon Bundles Blanket Collection called The Yummy Toy Tea Party.
So here is the illustration. I am excited as the charmeuse is in at the printers and we are ready to print the tops now and hopefully I will have the samples on display in a couple of weeks of all 12 designs.   You can see most of them in previous posts here. This is my favorite so far! I think it is the child in me and I adore High Tea!  There are coordinate fabrics to design your entire nursery around this little Blanket. 
12 inchPersonalized Pillows available in all designs.  

Jack in the Box is hosting this YummyToy Tea Party for Dolly Olivia, Teddy Bear andDarllingDuckie.

These little toys are having so much fun at the yummy tea party, just have to show you all a few close ups . 

The blanket is the perfect size (26 ") for your little Diva or special guy.

Think sugar plums and toys as Santa is getting his lists ready!

Good choice for  either girl or boy  with any name of  your choice printed across the top of the blanket as shown.   It is super soft in a poly charmeuse with a plush minky backing.

This blanket will finished like McLion Tuckie Below, maybe a few little additional trims  when tops come in.  Baby will adore the soft silky feel.

I am excited as I am  finally taking orders now  for all 11 designs  as the fabric is in, one more little boy design to come later this week.  It generally may take about three weeks to get your Tuckie but if Baby will not wait, drop me a note! Just click on the typewriter icon on the  side bar to the right  to email me directly and I will get right back to you. I am anxious to meet you all and adore  your feedback!

Have a sweet evening and hugs,
Rosanna Hope

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Monday, June 21, 2010

The latest in Onesie Trends by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

There are so many designs for Onesies and toddler Tee shirts available now,  but Baby will be so trendy in the latest whimsical designs from my original hand painted  Babybonbon accessories. You can have any of the 12 designs from the Babybonbon Bundles in the past  posts printed on baby onesies and little Tees for your fashionistas and little special guys.  Any name can be additionally printed right on the name. Just add a cute pair of leggins on those chubby little legs and baby is ready to wow the world.
            These little onesies and Tees are   so unique and just plain CUTE , combined with the Babybonbon Blankets will make the most special Baby shower gift. Just drop me a note and these little Sweet confections will be gift wrapped  as a Big Bonbon and on their way for delivery.

Hugs and have a sweet day,
Rosanna Hope

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maximilian the Dino Babybonbon personalized Blanket by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Maximilian the Dino just adores apples and on my latest Babybonbon  Baby blanket design he is frolicking in the healthiest most scrumptious apple orchard with all his juiciest, yummiest  apple tree friends. 
 Maybe this is where the old saying started,
"An Apple A Day keeps the doctor away!" Hmmmm
Maximilian is one of my favorites now in my new collection of Babybonbon Bundles. I have ordered the softest poly charmeuse this week for all of these whimsical designs to be printed on and remember little Tuckie is so silky soft that baby will fall in love with  all of them. My little grand baby wants one of each.
You can see  the Mc Lion finished blanket below and I am thinking of adding an additional border to frame all of these little Tuckies with matching silk cording. .

This blanket will be bordered in a half inch cording covered in silky Dino Dot coordinate fabric. Baby will love the touch of this silky material and I can guarantee you will not put this little art treasure down.

Orders will take about 3 weeks from time of proof, so order for your next baby  shower early.  Remember you can have any name of choice printed directly on the fabric as shown in the picture of Mc Lion finished.
Hope everyone is having a sweet sensational weekend.
See you on Monday with my new design The Toy Tea Party!
Rosanna Hope

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Henri Elephant is smitten with Mademoiselle Tweet by Rosanna Hope

Henri the Elephant is totally in love with his new friend Mademoiselle Tweet!
This is one of my  latest  illustrations for the Babybonbon tops of my new line of Babybonbon Bundles. These little pieces of art are printed by a professional fabric manufacturer on the most luxurious poly charmeuse and backed with additional soft Minky.  You can have any name of your choice Printed right on the baby blanket. I call these sweet treats, little Tuckies.  That was the name we used in our family. Tuckie In Tuckie in was heard at bed time in our house.
I have designed two pastel fabrics to coordinate with Love at First Site  Amour Plaid and Amour Bubble Dots , perfect for all of your nursery decor. 

These fabrics are available as yardage. 

I have 12 designs in this collection and you have a wide selection of designs for both your little diva or special little guy.  You can see a few finished samples below in the previous blogs.  Drop me a note for order instructions or order at my shop. I am presently working on my new web site which should be open very soon.
                                                               Drop me a note...Have a sweet Evening
                                                                               Rosanna Hope

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Peppie La Poodle Goes to France OOh La La

I just finished Peppie La Poodle Babybonbon Bundle.  It truly is the a softest little security blanket you are going to find for baby and also the most unique.  My watercolor design of Peppie La Poodle is printed directly on a poly charmeuse by a professional fabric printing company and also you can have  any name you wish Printed directly on the baby blanket. The backs are a very soft Minky fabric.   My little grandson who is 2 just loved his last night and was laying on the floor all tucked in it....consequently  we  called them  Tuckies!

Peppie has two snazzy brightly printed coordinating fabrics to match her design. I think these will be fun to use for all your nursery decor.  OOh La La stripes and Ooh La La Bubble Dots match perfectly and Bubble Dots are super imposed on the Eiffel Tower on the little Baby blankets, so how cute woud it be on matching sheets? Bubble Dots come in two sizes.


These super silky blankets I think will be treasured for years to come . They are a little baby piece of art.  Baby loves looking at them, feeling them and loving them.

Each Babybonbon Bundle or Tuckie comes in one of 12 designs.
Drop me a note to order your favorite design for your favorite baby!

Orders take approximately three weeks to receive. If you need it a little earlier I can rush this little bonbon to your door.
Each little bonbon blanket  is $59. 59 and shipping.

They are certainly going to say Ooh La La at your next baby shower when they see this sweet confection !

Have a great weekend
Rosanna Hope    

Hibiscus in the Rain fabric with vintage lace by Rosanna Hope

About a month ago I  designed a new fabric Hibiscus in the Rain Noir by Rosanna Hope . I personally would love it on a big victorian porch covering all the cushions  on white wicker furniture with big hanging ferns.

It would also be a great touch on pillows . Here I have used one of my vintage lace pieces to finish this pillow. It is romantic and I think would look so feminine in a teen or young gals room to achieve that shabby chic look look with a modern twist.
This fabric is available either in my etsy shop or at Spoonflower presently.
It has a stripe coordinate and again call on me for the lace.  Remember my last blog!
Hope you all have a very sweet weekend
Rosanna Hope

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lace Lace Lace

I just barely escaped from my garage where I was almost buried in bolts of lace and trim. I mean it, I have 100's of jumbo vintage lace bolts  in every color and size.   Although I have a passion for these beautiful little treasures , I am happy to back safely inside.

I did not find my way out of a exciting auction awhile back. One of the oldest fabric shops in South Florida was going out of business and I adored rummaging through his bolts of stunning vintage laces, trims and fabrics. He had been in business over 50 years, never measured his fabrics on the table, just put his arms out and what he thought was a yard is what you got, no arguments!!  He had the goods, but was a grumpy old man.  He had lace trims from the time the phone numbers started with a letter prefix if some of you can remember for ex: Ch9-0989 still on the cardboard. The place was a mess and when I say rummage, that is exactly what you did but when I decided to go out there I was on a real high! Needless to say I got lost in the auction and left with a large truck load of yummy treats! 

Today I decided finally with a little help and prodding  from my husband to  finally share  some Bonbon Bundles of lace with  everyone. If you let me know what you are looking for I am sure I have it and I would love to put together  some pretty bundle surprises for you at very reasonable prices.These beautiful trims are stunning for weddings and  charming on babe clothing like my little BonbonTushie Ruffles I did on a few onesies and of course pillows and handbags.   Oh yes, I love to trim sheets in these beautiful laces. Like I say, I have bolts and bolts and 1000's of yards. I just worked up a little Trixie the Tooth fairy pillow below for someone and covered the pillow in a collage of old beautiful laces.

So drop me a note to and let's share.
Have a very sweet day today and think Lace! Best Rosanna Hope

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sweet Treat for Mommy Bonbon

This week I haven`t dropped you a note as I have not left my studio trying to come up with the most interesting binding for my personalized baby blankets and think I have a solution....I will be making a fun jumbo cording covered in the whimsical coordinating farics. It is going to frame the blankets so adorably. I will be showing you all next week. Also working on 3 new blanket top designs, one I just love for a little larger Tuckie, The Toy Tea Party.

But today I thought I would show you all a few sweet treats for Mommy Bonbon,   a few of my handbags which I designed in my previous life!!!!  My bags were all one of a kind  Many of these are all sold, but I am contemplating designing my own fabrics for my bags now.  I need to be encouraged to do it again. I still maintain my hand bag web site and there are a few bags available.  These  bags were part of my Tropical Collection. m Wedding  and Winter Wonderland selections.  

Ciustom designed for Mommy Bonbon and Toddler Bonbon Mongolian lamb Fluffies
My Rosanna Hope Designs  handbag Studio was on our 250 acre Sheep farm we lived on in the woods of Minnesota. It was stunning area  and I enjoyed a beautiful studio in our log home. For many of my winter bags I used our Corriedale sheep wool, which was blended with different fibers such as cashmere, mohair, llama, and silk and then dyed into the most beautiful large clouds of wool. I then sent them to a woman in Wisconsin who had a hugh felting machine and Voila, I received back the most stunning  60" batts of felted wool . I could then cut and sew these into my  many of my totes and  Fluffy designs. I emellished them with Mongoliam lamb, beautiful  flowers  that I had custom designed in New York and other little trinket treasures . . Oh yes, also embroidered overlay on several of the desgins.  I also beaded many of the handles in my studio.   Just thought today You all would enjoy seeing some of these.  Mommy needs a Bonbon also sometimes !  Drop me a note if you are interested in a bag or to encourage me to continue . I am thinking of printing my hand painted flower designs for the bags..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am excited to show you all my new Baby Blanket designs

Mc Lion Proto type of  Babybonbons blanket top
Hi Everyone.
I am excited to show you all several more of my illustrations that will be part of my new personalized collection of baby blanket tops.  The blankets are going to be the softest little Tuckies *Tuckie in Tuckie in, that is what I always said to my girls and all 3 ended up calling their security blankets Tuckies! 

Enough, As I mentioned there are going to be 12 designs in the first collection of Babybonbon Baby Bundles.  I have showed you Peppie La Poodle in last blog and of course Mc Lion who is the prototype made up.  I am awaiting printing of the other tops presently, but in about a week will have all samples made up. I also have matching pillows and fabrics for all of these to complete the nursery design. You will be able to personalize each blanket with any name of your choice. It takes about 3 weeks for the blanket to be finished, however I can offer you a rush delivery to cut this time some if you drop me a note.
Each blanket is backed in the softest Minky and the fronts are printed on the silkiest Poly charmeuse with one of my original painted designs.
Baby is going to fall totally in love with these  little blankets and treasure them forever.  Names appear a little differently in each design as you see here.  Presently all 0f these personalized Babybonbon Blankets can be orderedin my Etsy shop.

Gracie Giraffe is a funny yellow giraffe who loves to dress up and has a fluffy flowered tail!

Jazzy Jasmine  blanket top looks so serene in her cherry blossom orchard. the cutest little dollie!

Madeleine the Circus Monkey makes her debut today also.  She is a feisty little monkey who got into too much trouble in the zoo and was taken back to the jungle. Along came the circus and offered to take loved Madeleine at first sight and offered to take her back to the circus . She packed her trunks with all  her many outfits and became the little fashionista of the circus.

Puppy Love was designed for my little grandson Noah. He loves little puppies .  This cute little puppy is perfect for both little guys and gals.  I have matching fabrics available in all four color waves, pink, blue, lavendar, and yellow  Double Dots on the pram to complete the nursery design for your little bonbon.
Baby Buckaroos is one of my favorites and again, perfect for either little boy or girl cowpokes.  Names on this design run around the lasso.  Click on pictures to enlarge and see special details
Francine La Froggie is a snazzy little frog sitting  on her lily pad. Froggie has an adorable green matching Bubble Dots fabric to match  , perfect for little sheets and other nursery projects.
I can't wait to show you all these little blanket designs all made up. If you have any ideas for tops for little boys I would love to hear from you.
Have a great day  ,
Rosanna Hope