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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rosanna Hope fo rBaby Bonbons Gives Back 2015...Chemotherapy dollies Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles

Meet Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles, Babybonbons two new original Forever Best Friends

I am personally in remission  for Chronic Myelogenous  Leukemia for the past 12 years. I was fortunate to be in the beginning trials of a magic pill, Gleevec at Stanford which saved my life. I also cannot thank Dr. Brian Druker enough for his dedicated work with this drug and others medicines and treatments that have followed. 

Although I am adult, I had a special little friend on my bed during my illness that comforted me and now I am very  excited to be able to design, sew and share our dolls with children around the world who would love a new friend to hug and love and one they can identify with. 

Buddy Brave is Babybonbons  adventurous super Hero with special magical powers and Catie Cuddles is our silky snuggley new bestie!

Each dollie is a "Forever New Best Friend" and is stuffed with a huge amount of LOVE AND HUGS in made in the USA in our Babybonbons studio in Miami.  They will put a big smile on the face of all little boys and girls. Our first group of dolls are ready and packing up to meet their new mommie and daddies . Babybonbons is gifting as part of our 2015 Giving Back project dolls this week to Joe DiMaggio Hospital, oncology department in Hollywood Florida.

The past years have been so special for Babybonbons and we want to give some love back now. Buddy Brave and Catie Cuddles have been designed to become a new best Friend to children around the world who are facing the stress of illness, childhood cancers, bulllying, autism or simply need a big snuggle or some magical powers. Both dolls are intially bald with big hearts xoxoxo printed on the back of their heads and come with matching hats or headbands. In addition to selling these dolls in our Etsy shop, Babybonbons will be gifting Forever Best Friend dolls around the world to children in need throughout the year. 

Buddy Brave is printed from a Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons original design on a silky, polyester fabric, he comes with a large plushy minky removable cape so he can fly through the air and a special BB ball cap with magical powers. He has a big red heart xoxoxo printed on the back of his head and has a bright blue mask printed on his face for his super adventures. 

He is just the right size around for little hands to hold and hug him. We know how much little children love to snuggle and understand the experience of touch, so we have used a silky satin fabric  and super plush minky. Buddy Brave is about 18 inches long.

Catie Cuddles is just adorable, dressed in vintage  pastel ruffled lace and silk posies. 
The back of of Catie Cuddles is designed  as alittle a soft pillow to snuggle and love  in pretty shades of plushy minky. 
She has a big pink heart printed on the back of her head xoxoxoxox   LOVE
and she  either comes with a soft knit hat with long ribbon polka dot braids which have been sewn into the hat or headband with or without the braids, (your choice)  When you take off the hat Catie is bald which a child going through Chemo therapy can identify with and also gives parents a tool to explain the her hair loss  and show her how cute she will still be.

  WE can also sew hats on dollie for children  not experiencing Chemo. She is a perfect soft doll for all children and even adults and she is a perfect Best Friend Forever for everyone. She is universal.
 Her silky long leggins are exclusively printed with special words, Laugh, twinkle, dream, hope, sweet, dazzle, kiss, giggle, fun, hugs,  magic, cuddle, snuggle, play, to give all girls little or big , a feeling of empowerment. These dolls are very special and will Forever be your little girls best freind to laugh and cry with, Catie is around 18 inches long, her long arms are very huggable!
Dolls can be washed, instrucitons come with dollies, There will be other matching items soon, books, plates , plush blankets, paper dolls, mugs etc. 

You can view our dolls on my Etsy shop, I look forward to everyone passing the word regarding this dollies. They are eager to meet their new mommie and daddies. Please forward all questions through the Etsy shop if possible as I read these messages 24/7.

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