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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ruby The Holiday Reindeer Tee shirt, fabric and pillow tops by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

It's 10 days before Christmas

My Mommie dressed me UP!

Festive Ruby the Reindeer

Smiles and twinkles from Ear to Ear

Sparkly Ornaments hang from curly antlers

And her bright pink cheeks gleam with Cheer!

I am excited to be posting a few of my holiday designs during the next two weeks and wanted to share Ruby the Holiday Reindeer with you all today. This was an Original Handpainted fabric  design from one of my little tee shirts a few Years ago below.

 Ruby just went over a Charming MAKEOVER ( top illustration and getting into a bunch of mischief with her  holiday lights) and is now printed directly on little Holiday Tees, Onesies  and a variety of fabrics for all Christmas sewing projects.

Fabrics can be personalized in addition with your Family name displayed  all across the fabric  for table topings for Christmas dinner or holiday parties or your little ones name on fabrics .  Just give me about 3 weeks to have the fabrics  printed.  Ruby is especially  adorable on little mugs for Xmas morning with your favorite little guy or gals name and a note to Santa...I Have been So Nice This Year, Santa!

Available on Tee shirts in baby and toddler sizes.  Sure to make Mommy and Daddy giggle when they see you.  Please check out my Etsy store for all details.

Check back in a few days to see Peppie La Poodle Carrying her Chanuka bags and boxes and also wearing her adorable Christmas Hat.

Have a sweet day,
Rosanna Hope

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