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Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Designed Invitations and first Art Journal page by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

The past year I was so excited to be  asked to paint invites for several of my customers and wanted to share with you all.

One of my favorites was for a Jimmy Buffet themed party at Jungle Island. I just  love anything tropical.
I also painted the menus,  sign in posters and gift tags  for the favors to match the theme.

My next invite was a baby shower . The theme here was Baby and Flowers Blossoming, two of my favorite things to paint.

                                                      Ribbons and Bows, Babies and Posies

They requested very subdued colors in the  invite which as you know for me was a challenge as I love the hot pinks, purples and turquoises.  Well, I did slip in a little turquoise, but when I was finished I had a new favorite color pallet and just in time for fall.

I recently also saw on one of the Mommy Blogs an invite to be part of a very interesting project...sending an art journal around with 12 very talented gals for an entire year.  I signed up, but wow, I sure was not aware of the journey.  Little did I know, I didn`t know anything  about art journaling!!!!  The instructions were just: Pick the theme of our journal, start with one entry and some directions for the others to follow  during the year and send it off to the first person on the list.  Sounded intriguing !

My journal was entitled Passion, in other words they can enter any type of  art journaling entry  or entries about something they have a passion for, children, family, mate, gardening,  travel, food and the list goes on and on. I cannot wait to get this journal back in 12 months .  Each themed  journal we receive monthly in the round robin  is a surprise to us and I can really say a big but exciting challenge. 

Lucky for me,  I found the most creative gal, Heather Reid on Etsy who made my beautiful journal from silk fabrics  and ribbons and beautiful hand made papers for me.  Her shop is heathers3stars  on Etsy.  She quilts the most unique little original pieces and has the best supplies for journaling, but mainly she is one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with.  I have already received 2 giant care packages in the mail from her with every type of art journaling supplies you can imagine, tons of emails  and hand written notes with all kinds of tips and resources.  Her notes were my first clue that I sure was on the wrong path...thank goodness she befriended  and took me in!!!

Shhhh....We are keeping our postings rather secret so we will all have a surprises next year when we receive our own journals back, but I never could keep a secret and have to share my cover page for the first journal I did which was themed "The Seasons" and I had  the month August to work on.
In addition I added several other two  page entries, but these are a secret.  I sure have a lot to learn, but Heather sent me a few great book ideas which I quickly ordered . One I just love is  True Colors. You  will be blown away each time you look at these beautiful art pages in this book. Each one is more original than the last. The 12 artists in the book participated in a similar art journey, but color was their theme. Each picked a favorite color  or two for their journal entries.  They really inspired me and it is going to become pretty addictive craft I can see. 

In about a month I  am very excited to say I will be launching  a new web site and custom invitation will available. Until then,  if you are having a special occasion and need an original invite, drop me a note. I would love to paint one with and for you.  Thanks for visiting me again and please say Hi below!  I love to hear from you all!
Hugs and nite,
Rosanna Hope


Kelly said...

OMG These are gorgeous, you are a STAR :)
I cannot wait until you put your artistic works of art in mine :) So glad you are enjoying the journey :)

Kelly Warren said...

Rosanna! These pages are truly beautiful! What a talent with a brush you have. I'm sure you'll do really well in 21 Secrets!

heathers3stars said...

Hi Rosanna!
Thanks so much for the mention on your blog - but you *do* know about art journaling - you showed me your very first page and I was blown away!!! : )
I'm LOVING the gorgeous purple flower pillows...
I really can't wait to have grandchildren. Maybe I should start a "grandmother's hope chest" - but I don't want to jinx myself just yet as my oldest is only 13!!

You are so creative - I love reading your blog : )

Anonymous said...

Hello! nice blog!