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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doctor Stork Original Collection, "The Baby Buggy" ....Special Delivery!!! By Rosanna Hope For Babybonbons

I am so excited over my latest  collection of gifts for Mommies  and Daddies of newborns  printed from my original drawings on onesies and other sweet items  for Mommies  and Daddies of new borns.  These are designed to be personalized with either the Names of the Delivering doctor, Physician or Hospital Group, Hospital Gift shop or Midwife. Besides delivering that special little bundle, think how excited Mommie and Daddy will be when you drop by to say Congratulations  with this artsy memorable personalized reminder of that Big Special day from you or your Group!  And of course remember Baby will be wearing it for months to come saying... " I just loved my Birthday !"  Sweet!

These sweet Babybonbons Personalized Onesies would be great additions for Hospital gift shops.  Packaged beautifully for instant surprise gifts to take upstairs for the proud new parents and perfect to bundle baby up for his first ride home in his own Baby buggy!

My first design is called "The Baby Buggy" and features Doctor Stork happily racing  Baby in his "Baby Buggy" to that Special Delivery.  Naturally, Doctor has his or hers own specialized License plate, don't all Doctors?

Any new mommie would be super thrilled to take baby home in this whimsical soft little onesie featuring  Babies first piece of original ART to treasure by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons.

Doctor Stork Originals by Babybonbons will be available for special order in two weeks on 100% polyester 0-3 size onesies.  Stay tuned or drop me a note for all the details and of course there are more unique additional fun designs to be debuted in this collection later this week to choose from.

Hope you all are having a very sweet day today,
Rosanna Hope


Copyright 2011
Rosanna Hope
All rights reserved

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