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Friday, October 14, 2011

First Oneise for Baby, Word, , Smile, Step,First Birthday by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Celebrate Babies First Everything!!!!

Peppie La Poodle is excitingly prancing thru the yummy ice cream and lollipop garden with a big  delicious cake on her back to help Baby, Mommy and Daddy celebrate Babies first Word, Step, Birthday, hug and smile!!!
Your little diva will be a super little fashionista in her luxuriously soft Onesie printed with Babybonbon's newest original" There is a First for Everything" Design.

Your baby is Nunber ONE! So Celebrate every day!

NOw you can even sew adorable skirts and pants and little knit sweaters to embellish your fancy onesie outfit with Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons matching fabric collection

And go one step further if it is A First Birthday and sew your little Diva her own First Birthday tutu skirt, hat and bib to match with Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons "Yummiest First Birthday Party "Sewing kit.
You will receive one yard of the softest cotton sateen with the easiest directions to sew the complete outfit in about 2 hours to accompany Babies First Peppie La Poodle Onesie.
Included and printed on the one yard of fabric are pieces for an adorable flowered birthday party hat, a 3 tiered ruffled tutu party skirt with matching ice cream cones and bonbons with  matching peppie la poodle apron panel and oh yes, of course a matching lined bib for baby so she will not mess up her new cute onesie.

Your little gal is going to be a fashionista at her first Birthday party and can wear her little onesie for days to follow!  There is always A number One event every day with your little gal.
I am working on a new web site with all these sweet pieces on it, but if you need any of these before, drop by my etsy shop or drop me a note,
Hugs and have a very sweet day
Rosanna Hope

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