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Monday, March 18, 2013

Soft Plushy Personalized Children's Nursery upholstered Rocking chair Trendy Francine La Froggie by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

We are so excited to show off  our first piece of Babybonbon Furniture!
Francine La Froggie is the focal point on the front of this adorable baby/toddler chair for your little gal's special room. The chairs are  made from scratch with study hard woods and upholstered with the softest foams covered in dacrons. This chair is designed and made completely in the USA  by Babybonbons which we are very proud to announce!

Francine La Froggie is one of our old friends here at Babybonbons and you can also add her on  sweetest plushiest baby blankets for your special nursery decor or baby shower gift for your very special little arrival, even add Francine on a soft baby onesie or lace trimed t shirt for your toddler. We can supply extra matching fabrics for your nursery sewing projects to coordinate and also order matching wall papers in the sweetest plaids, polka dots and even froggier herself!
One special new feature, you can add a personalized name on the back of your little rocking chair.  This is not monogrammed but printed directly professionally onto the fabrics. All our fabrics are printed in USA professionally and designed by Rosanna Hope. We have used 5 adorable fabrics in this chair. But if you don`t want pink, just give us a call or note and we will change the main background to yellow, greens, lavenders, blues!  So easy to customize this chair for your special space.
So just drop by our Etsy shop to see our new debut  of our Froggie Rocker. Any of our designs or fabrics can be upholstered onto one of these adorable rockers, so shop around and send us a note. We can also use your own fabrics to upholster the chairs if you want to combine your fabrics.
Froggie also comes on a larger luxurious silky/Minky baby blanket 27x27 inch

Add charming matching pillows and you will have one of the most unique nursery
designs.  Give these little gifts at your next baby shower and you will hear oohs and aahhs through the room. Mommie and friends will adore these original baby treasures.

Our next piece of furniture planned is a similar upholstered chair with a square back for your little guy either in Football or soccer theme.  Next we are planning a fancy shabby chic chaise for your little diva with Sophia Ballerina featured on the chair , tiny little rose buds and lots of lace flounces around the bottom!

Our chairs start at $250.00 plus shipping so please drop over to our Etsy shop
Also please drop by Facebook page Rosanna Hope For Babybonbons and LIKE the page for special sales and coupons on all our our baby and toddler Yummies by Babybonbons!  We will be doing regular give aways to our followers on Facebook starting very soon. Please share with your friends!
Thanks for visiting our Blog today and please leave us to note to tell us what you think about our new Babybonbons Rockers!  Even the little rocker is painted to match the chair!  And we have added a little touch of pink lace across the front to make this very very special !
Have a great day,
Rosanna Hope

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