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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine Luxurious Personalized Baby and Toddler Blankets

In the last post Jazzy Jasmine  fabric dolly kit was featured in the Etsy Fest Treasury

I just finished my first sample of my Jazzy Jasmine Personalized children's blankets which is part of my new collection of Babybonbon Bundles
Jazzy Jasmine is one of the more feminine designs in the collection.
I am finishing this 27 x 27 inch silky poly charmeuse blanket with a satin ribbon border
which I feel accents the delicate cherry blossoms in her garden..

Each blanket is finished in different fashion and you can print any name of your favorite little diva or guy
directly on the fabric.  Babies and Toddlers and Mommies fall in love with these whimsical soft little Art Treasures.

              These blankets which I call Tuckies are backed with a equally soft Plush Minky

                                This Blanket is sure to Pamper and Spoil your special little fashionista.
                                      Jazzy Jasmine is printed from one of my watercolor art pieces..

    There are 12 designs in my first collection. Check back often as each little blanket makes his or her

These are custom ordered, drop me a note with the little typwriter to the right for information 

Blankets will be featured in my Etsy shop
Blankets perfect size for Stroller covers, car seats and Sweet Bundles of Love and Hugs
Don`t think just baby......
My Toddlers adore the feel of these and are off to Baby Cuddly Land with one touch

Nite and Sweet Dreams
Rosanna Hope


Corine said...

I love the satan fabric. Beautiful work! :) And your grandson lookes so cute (in other blog) sleeping there peacefully. Isn't it fun to have beautiful blankets and coverings?

Heathers3stars said...

I *LOVE* this sweet blanket! It's so very precious and adorable - your illustrations are just so endearing. I'm so happy to have met you through etsy!!
I added your website as one of my "Favorite Sites" list on my main page - because it *is*!!!
Keep creating : )

denyse dar said...

awww..I wish I'd seen this stuff when my kids were babies! I'd have been all over you lol!
hi from the newest Circle Journal member ;)