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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Francine La Froggie's First Tropical Storm

Francine La Froggie, one if my whimsical illustrations for my new collection of silky  Babybonbon Baby Blankets looks a little curious tonight. We just got" Tropical Bonnie" storm warnings down  here in South Florida.  She is about to weather her first Tropical Storm
but you know
Froggies are such charming natural little creatures to ride out  these storms, Especially Francine La Froggie.


I am so excited as the samples of my first luxurious  little  Babybonbon blankets are coming back now. I just adore this  poly charmeuse  fabric they are printed on. It is  absolutely so  silky, I can guarantee you that your babies and toddlers are going to just fall in love with the feel of these blankets. It is backed additionally in a very ultra plush fabric. I have finally made a choice on the finishing touches and decided to use a jumbo half inch cording  on most of them.  Each design will be covered  in one of my coordinate  fabric designs, it's Froggie Bubble Dots for Francine.  I am using a little larger cording than these  pictures display so the bright little dots will become a wider  frame for  these little piece of "baby art".  I will be offering matching pillows and additional coordinating fabrics by the yard for  all your nursery design projects.  I am also hoping to add a line of baby sheets and matching wall art prints for the complete nursery  package.

Froggie Bubble Dot Fabric Available also by the yard

I am thrilled  to actually see my  finished art work on these luxurious plush "Tuckies". The colors are printing better than my expectations and yes, they are washable.   I love the  custom design aspect of these blankets which I think makes them so appealing. We can have your little special guy's or charming diva's name printed directly on your blankets.   Your baby or toddler  will have a special little piece of art to cherish for years to come.

Well, Francine is not your only choice, there are 11 others in this dreamy little collection, 

                                        but she sure is one of the charming ones!

                                             We are all buttoned down here in south Florida to weather out the storm.............    
                                                   Nite and hugs from Rosanna and Francine



Kristopher K said...

Hi Rosanna,

Hope all is well with you and cute little Francine La Froggie, following the storm :)
Cheers, Kris

Christine Burgess said...

She is adorable! I love the toenail polish.:)

Kelly said...

You know I LOVE me some froggies!!!! And of course I LOVE these :)

Corine said...

I love frogs. Good job with the very cute design. :)