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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My new Babybonbons Business Card

It is over 90 degrees and so  humid here in Miami Beach and a perfect time to just stay in my air conditioned studio. . For the past two days I have been drawing  my new business card for Babybonbons.Darlin' Baby Cupcake is the star. I am so anxious to start to print them, but unfortunately still do not have my Babybonbon website up. I have been using Etsy for all selling.  I am on the outlook  for a web designer who is whimsical and would love to work with me on this project.  .

Last year I found Spoonflower and was elated to start designing fabrics. For several years I had been silk painting all my designs on little toddler and children's clothing and accessories. I had been searching the web for a place that would print fabric in small batches.  One of my first  fabric was Yummy Pink Bonbons. I designed this pattern for Birthday party table cloths and it one of the ruffles in my  new Kit, The Yummiest First Birthday Party  Outfit.   This 54" One yard piece of fabric which I spoke about in a previous post has all the Yummy printed pieces to  sew and dress your fashionista  in the smartest Birthday fashion.

Yummy Pink Bonbons is available for craft and sewing projects also as separate yardage in my Spoonflower shop and also  in my Etsy shop along with the coordinate fabrics from this collection.
Olivia is One wears this sweet toddler Party outfit. Dolly Olivia is also available now printed in this sweet outfit on 54" organic cotton sateen, quilting cotton,  cotton knits and a variety of other fabrics. I love using her appliqued on little gals pinafores too.  She can be printed in a variety of sizes. She also was invited to  The Yummy Toy Tea Party Babybonbon Baby Blanket which is on of my latest new plush silky baby and toddler collection. You can print the name of your favorite little tyke on any of the 12 designs.
The yummy pink bonbons looks so delicious that Baby Cupcake convinced me to add them to the new Babybonbons business card.
I think they also are going to make some fun tissue paper for my inner packaging of my new line of baby blankets, pillows and nursery accessories.

On this note, I hope you all are going to have a very sweet evening after all this talk about yummies!
                                                           Hugs, Rosanna Hope


Corine said...

I absolutely LOVE your cute designs! That sweet little baby in the sweet little cupcake just gets me! :) Good job with all your hard work! If I had little ones (instead of big ones...) I would have enjoyed your fabrics. I hope it all pays off for you bigtime!!! :D

PS The new business card is great!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Rosanna, I just found your lovely blog These images are ADORABLE! Your cards too cute!!
Sending lots and lots of Dutch JOY your way for a happy happy Thursday! xx

Sarah said...

I love the new business card. It's colorful and fun. Your idea is really awesome. Not to mention your drawings are too adorable.