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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Franny's first harvest, You Betcha...children's tractor fabric

I want to introduce you all to one of my new little characters that I produced from a watercolor illustration., Franny . He is so  excited as one of his dreams was to be able to help with the fall harvest and drive his daddy's big tractor.  I am a big boy now, You Betcha!
He begged his daddy every year and this year he was big enough to climb up by himself onto the tractor.  He is so serious and I think those little corn are a little worried now!

If you have never been by the Spoonflower website, drop by this week to see the many  creative and interesting fabrics that are being custom designed there.  Just register, upload your designs and voila you will have fabric printed with your own custom work shipped right to your door.   Franny  will be printed in a half drop repeat on organic cotton or  any other fabric choices they list. 

Franny, You Betcha Fabric is a perfect new choice for your little gal or guys farm themed nursery or bedrooms. It is a larger repeat and works very well on quilts and little pillows and I love it when you just outline the little guy and make little  pillow dolls for your little guys, so soft and cozy and cute. Use a little cute plaid to match his shirt for the back and I love  a soft flannel for a choice to coordinate with this design. I will change the background color to any of your choice if you drop me a note. Wouldn`t it look cute for little gals in pink?

Franny also works so well on wall hangings, little cards, posters and especially printed on little tee shirts and onesies with your little guy or gals name on it. Just drop me a note for your custom listing.

Hope you all are having a very sweet week,
Rosanna Hope

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