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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashionista Madeleine the Circus Monkey Baby Onesies and TEE tops by Rosanna Hope

Morning everyone.
Well Madeleine the Circus Monkey Onesie and and TEE top designs are on their way to the printers today to start sampling for my new collection .

Her Background may change to a much more vibrant color after samples return. I tried to add a very light yellow leopard design but not  sure this is going to come alive, especially since Madeleine adores glam and bling.  I would love to hear your ideas!!
Madeleine is a very feisty little circus Monkey and is the Fashionista of the Circus. She once lived in the jungle, but one day she was discovered by a famous circus safari looking for exciting attractions .  She was hanging from a hugh tropical banana tree dressed in one of her sassy feminine bright outfits and immediately she was invited to join their entourage and tour with the circus. Madeleine was just tickled and packed up her many trunks of boas and fancy shoes and polka dot and brightly colored monkey costumes and joined the circus that very day!!!

Well if you want to hear more about Madeleine's adventures, stay tuned as Madeleine is going to be the star of a little book soon.
She is definitely now the star Fashionista of the circus clan and your little baby will be the Star Fashionista in your family when she wears this adorable new Onesie design.  Oh yes,  also perfect for little Toddler Fashionistas in the softest TEE Tops... coming soon, little bolero jackets, big flowered hats and surprise accessories to go with Madeleine. And don`t forget to add a little blanket to your order to compliment this wonderful baby shower gift.

Please drop me a note with some follow up and follow my new blog for additional updates on Madeleine and all her little friends.   Also don`t forget there is a translation button, top right if you need to read this in a different language.
Please drop me a note for pre-ordering of this and soon you will be able to go directly to my new web site which is presently under construction to order all onesies, blankets, accessories and coordinating fabrics.

Onesies are so soft and come in 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12- 18 month and 18-24 month.
Tees in 2T to 4 T.

Oh don`t forget all little Babybonbons are  deliciously gift wrapped to look like the yummiest little Bonbon for your special gift giving.
Have a very sweet day,
Rosanna Hope

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