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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am excited to show you all my new Baby Blanket designs

Mc Lion Proto type of  Babybonbons blanket top
Hi Everyone.
I am excited to show you all several more of my illustrations that will be part of my new personalized collection of baby blanket tops.  The blankets are going to be the softest little Tuckies *Tuckie in Tuckie in, that is what I always said to my girls and all 3 ended up calling their security blankets Tuckies! 

Enough, As I mentioned there are going to be 12 designs in the first collection of Babybonbon Baby Bundles.  I have showed you Peppie La Poodle in last blog and of course Mc Lion who is the prototype made up.  I am awaiting printing of the other tops presently, but in about a week will have all samples made up. I also have matching pillows and fabrics for all of these to complete the nursery design. You will be able to personalize each blanket with any name of your choice. It takes about 3 weeks for the blanket to be finished, however I can offer you a rush delivery to cut this time some if you drop me a note.
Each blanket is backed in the softest Minky and the fronts are printed on the silkiest Poly charmeuse with one of my original painted designs.
Baby is going to fall totally in love with these  little blankets and treasure them forever.  Names appear a little differently in each design as you see here.  Presently all 0f these personalized Babybonbon Blankets can be orderedin my Etsy shop.

Gracie Giraffe is a funny yellow giraffe who loves to dress up and has a fluffy flowered tail!

Jazzy Jasmine  blanket top looks so serene in her cherry blossom orchard. the cutest little dollie!

Madeleine the Circus Monkey makes her debut today also.  She is a feisty little monkey who got into too much trouble in the zoo and was taken back to the jungle. Along came the circus and offered to take loved Madeleine at first sight and offered to take her back to the circus . She packed her trunks with all  her many outfits and became the little fashionista of the circus.

Puppy Love was designed for my little grandson Noah. He loves little puppies .  This cute little puppy is perfect for both little guys and gals.  I have matching fabrics available in all four color waves, pink, blue, lavendar, and yellow  Double Dots on the pram to complete the nursery design for your little bonbon.
Baby Buckaroos is one of my favorites and again, perfect for either little boy or girl cowpokes.  Names on this design run around the lasso.  Click on pictures to enlarge and see special details
Francine La Froggie is a snazzy little frog sitting  on her lily pad. Froggie has an adorable green matching Bubble Dots fabric to match  , perfect for little sheets and other nursery projects.
I can't wait to show you all these little blanket designs all made up. If you have any ideas for tops for little boys I would love to hear from you.
Have a great day  ,
Rosanna Hope

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