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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sweet Treat for Mommy Bonbon

This week I haven`t dropped you a note as I have not left my studio trying to come up with the most interesting binding for my personalized baby blankets and think I have a solution....I will be making a fun jumbo cording covered in the whimsical coordinating farics. It is going to frame the blankets so adorably. I will be showing you all next week. Also working on 3 new blanket top designs, one I just love for a little larger Tuckie, The Toy Tea Party.

But today I thought I would show you all a few sweet treats for Mommy Bonbon,   a few of my handbags which I designed in my previous life!!!!  My bags were all one of a kind  Many of these are all sold, but I am contemplating designing my own fabrics for my bags now.  I need to be encouraged to do it again. I still maintain my hand bag web site and there are a few bags available.  These  bags were part of my Tropical Collection. m Wedding  and Winter Wonderland selections.  

Ciustom designed for Mommy Bonbon and Toddler Bonbon Mongolian lamb Fluffies
My Rosanna Hope Designs  handbag Studio was on our 250 acre Sheep farm we lived on in the woods of Minnesota. It was stunning area  and I enjoyed a beautiful studio in our log home. For many of my winter bags I used our Corriedale sheep wool, which was blended with different fibers such as cashmere, mohair, llama, and silk and then dyed into the most beautiful large clouds of wool. I then sent them to a woman in Wisconsin who had a hugh felting machine and Voila, I received back the most stunning  60" batts of felted wool . I could then cut and sew these into my  many of my totes and  Fluffy designs. I emellished them with Mongoliam lamb, beautiful  flowers  that I had custom designed in New York and other little trinket treasures . . Oh yes, also embroidered overlay on several of the desgins.  I also beaded many of the handles in my studio.   Just thought today You all would enjoy seeing some of these.  Mommy needs a Bonbon also sometimes !  Drop me a note if you are interested in a bag or to encourage me to continue . I am thinking of printing my hand painted flower designs for the bags..

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Practically Spent said...

What amazing talent you have. Amazing background!