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Friday, June 11, 2010

Lace Lace Lace

I just barely escaped from my garage where I was almost buried in bolts of lace and trim. I mean it, I have 100's of jumbo vintage lace bolts  in every color and size.   Although I have a passion for these beautiful little treasures , I am happy to back safely inside.

I did not find my way out of a exciting auction awhile back. One of the oldest fabric shops in South Florida was going out of business and I adored rummaging through his bolts of stunning vintage laces, trims and fabrics. He had been in business over 50 years, never measured his fabrics on the table, just put his arms out and what he thought was a yard is what you got, no arguments!!  He had the goods, but was a grumpy old man.  He had lace trims from the time the phone numbers started with a letter prefix if some of you can remember for ex: Ch9-0989 still on the cardboard. The place was a mess and when I say rummage, that is exactly what you did but when I decided to go out there I was on a real high! Needless to say I got lost in the auction and left with a large truck load of yummy treats! 

Today I decided finally with a little help and prodding  from my husband to  finally share  some Bonbon Bundles of lace with  everyone. If you let me know what you are looking for I am sure I have it and I would love to put together  some pretty bundle surprises for you at very reasonable prices.These beautiful trims are stunning for weddings and  charming on babe clothing like my little BonbonTushie Ruffles I did on a few onesies and of course pillows and handbags.   Oh yes, I love to trim sheets in these beautiful laces. Like I say, I have bolts and bolts and 1000's of yards. I just worked up a little Trixie the Tooth fairy pillow below for someone and covered the pillow in a collage of old beautiful laces.

So drop me a note to and let's share.
Have a very sweet day today and think Lace! Best Rosanna Hope

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