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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Yummy Toy Tea Party by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I am thrilled as I  just finished the 11th design in my First Babybonbon Bundles Blanket Collection called The Yummy Toy Tea Party.
So here is the illustration. I am excited as the charmeuse is in at the printers and we are ready to print the tops now and hopefully I will have the samples on display in a couple of weeks of all 12 designs.   You can see most of them in previous posts here. This is my favorite so far! I think it is the child in me and I adore High Tea!  There are coordinate fabrics to design your entire nursery around this little Blanket. 
12 inchPersonalized Pillows available in all designs.  

Jack in the Box is hosting this YummyToy Tea Party for Dolly Olivia, Teddy Bear andDarllingDuckie.

These little toys are having so much fun at the yummy tea party, just have to show you all a few close ups . 

The blanket is the perfect size (26 ") for your little Diva or special guy.

Think sugar plums and toys as Santa is getting his lists ready!

Good choice for  either girl or boy  with any name of  your choice printed across the top of the blanket as shown.   It is super soft in a poly charmeuse with a plush minky backing.

This blanket will finished like McLion Tuckie Below, maybe a few little additional trims  when tops come in.  Baby will adore the soft silky feel.

I am excited as I am  finally taking orders now  for all 11 designs  as the fabric is in, one more little boy design to come later this week.  It generally may take about three weeks to get your Tuckie but if Baby will not wait, drop me a note! Just click on the typewriter icon on the  side bar to the right  to email me directly and I will get right back to you. I am anxious to meet you all and adore  your feedback!

Have a sweet evening and hugs,
Rosanna Hope

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Kimberly said...

Wow...very talented! Your designs are beautiful. Dropping by from Bloggy Moms. ~Kimberly

Lynette said...

Rosanna you have breathtaking things. Keep up the great work. Too bad my kids are all teenagers. Hahah. I will check back often. Have a good day.

Carolee said...

Wow, you are just so darned talented!

I will have to check back soon and see what else your up to!

Thanks for visiting my blog on Bloggy Moms

Salma said...

I love the stuff here Rosanna. I'm glad to have gotten the link to your page. Def be back.

Salma (from journalling group)