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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Several new designs Babybonbon personalized blankets by Rosanna Hope

I am too excited to wait for the finished  blanket tops so tonight  I want to show you all two additional designs that will be featured in my new collection of personalized Babybonbons Blankets.  I am very excited as I just listed the first finished blanket Mc Lion  in my Etsy shop tonight  .  Of  course you can choose any name and I will have it printed  professionally on the softest charmeuse fabric for your little special diva or little guy  baby.

Mc Lion, which I showed you in the last post is a finished TUCKIE  (tuckie, tuckie in to bed) but I could not wait to show you two of my other  designs so  I am posting the illustration as you would see them on the blanket tops If  you are interested you now can make orders for these little sweet treasures now.  I can reassure you that they are the softest little blankets I have ever touched, both on the back and front. I kind of want one for myself.

Peppie La Poodle Blanket top design above is a sassy little pink poodle strutting her stuff in the Gardens of Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower.  The Eiffel Tower is printed with  Rosanna Hope Ooh la la Bubble Dots  fabric and Ooh La La Stripe fabric, part of my Peppie La Poodle Fabric collection.  These  fabrics are also available in a nice variety of fabrics to order for additional projects you might have to finish that little French Nursery for your little fashionista.  Peppie La Poodle is also available in a pillow top. Your little gals name will be displayed  in a Curly Font exactly like the Sample, Elizabeth  is in Hot pink and Sky blue across the top of the blanket. These can be printed on a choice of two different fabrics, Charmeuse or  a soft Micro Suede.

Have a great day tomorrow,
Rosanna Hope. 

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