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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Sneak Peek! Mc Lion personalized Babybonbon Bundle by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I have been working all weekend on my secret project I have been mentioning below and decided to give you all  a sneak peek at  what I am up to because I am so excited about it...I am working on a collection of luxurious  silky personalized baby blankets, . Each one is going to be very different and to start off there will be about 12 designs in my Babybonbon collection both for little fashionistas and their little guy friends. I think these are going to be the perfect answer to all the new baby shower gifts we need each month.    I just  have to know the name and it will be delivered  gift wrapped as a sweet confection , A Babybonbon! 

I am delighted as to how these are turning out, still figuring out some of the sewing issues, but I could not wait to show you the first one I just put together.  I  would love to have your feedback if you wouldn't mind dropping me a note either here or to my email,  

 Mc Lion  is going to be number One.  He is a sassy  whimsical little circus lion that all the little girl lions can`t help flirting with!  I have personalized the name Zachary on this one.   These baby and toddler blankets (two sizes)  are going to be very unique,  plush, soft and cuddly. Each one  of the choices will have one of my hand drawn designs on them and will be custom printed just for you. I am also trying to keep them very afforadable .  I am  organizing Babybonbon Parties where there will be disounts given and giveaways...If you would be interested in hosting a party, drop me a note.

 There will be a choice of two different fabrics  that  the blankets will be printed on. Mc Lion is on a charmeuse and there will be complimentary fabrics  for all your matching sewing projects.   Okay more to come very soon.  Oh , if you want to see special details just click on picture to make it a little larger.
Keep in touch....Best,
Rosanna Hope

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