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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine Fabric Dolly Pillow.....

I have always loved drawing and dressing my little dollies. Last fall I entered Jazzy Jasmine, an original hand drawn  geisha doll design into the Spoonflower Fabric Doll Contest. There were so many unique  special doll designs in the contest. Jazzy Jasmine was thrilled , but demure when she found out she had won the contest!

Jazzy Jasmine is a large scale printed fabric with back and front doll pattern,  She also can be reduced for fabric print for children's clothing.  Presently she is displayed as a 14 inch doll pattern . She makes the prettiest softest doll pillow for a gal from 1 to 100 . I have heard from many customers with the ideas they have used this fabric for. One gal ordered canvas weight fabric and made a window shade from her companion fabric, Jazzy Jasmine goes Pop Art.   Little sundresses and purses have been popular as well as Jazzy centered and featured on quilt projects.   I love her printed on Canvas for wall decor.

Embellishment is so fun with Jazzy. One gal even beaded her eye lashes.  I  adore  adding little silk flowers to her geisha obi and in her hair.
How Jazzy!

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Anonymous said...

Great work! Can't wait until tomorrows blog! Such fun designs!