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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ballerina Ballerina Sunday by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

Morning All,
Hope everyone is having a lazy Sunday Morning with a yummy cup of  your favorite coffee and the Sunday news papers.

Today I am about to make a little Dance Bag for  a Babybonbons Etsy customer with my Dancing Davina  fabric that I recently designed. I may add a little of my pink Slippers and Roses  Classic Fabric for pocket inside. .
I am going into my vintage stash of fabrics to embellish the bag. . Last year I went crazy at a my favorite fabric store in Hollywood Florida.   I went to purchase something there and found out they were auctioning the entire store later in the week. The owner was 94 and had been in the same spot for over 50 years. I could not beleive all these little treasures were going by the way side.  Well yes, I attended the auction and my entire garage is full  now and in addition  a complete storage room of old laces, trims, embellishments, fabrics and braids, old buttons, eyelets in just about any width and color you can imagine., He had trims that still had the old phone numbers on them  CH 3-0304 from the old manufacturing  firms in NY that were no longer in business.At the time it was sooooooo exciting and I just could not do without them even though my daughter was calling me  hourly  to ABORT and leave ASAP, where was I ever going to find them again?  Now my husband is trying to keep his patience with me. Well you know what a passion for fabric does to a gal.  If you all are ever looking for little lace treasures, give me a call , I would love to share!.

I have the perfect little pink and purple eyelet trim pieces to embellish Dancing Davina and  by the end of the day she will be the perfect little dance bag ready to hold the  little ballet toe shoes and tutu  for dancing class this week. I illustrated this little dollie, Dancing Davina on my Wacom tablet recently. She can also be a soft little dollie for your special ballerina diva.  She is sold by the yard or fat quarter.  

Hope you have a very sweet day,

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