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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jazzy Jasmine Goes POP ART!

Jazzy Jasmine Fabric Goes Pop Art is a new fabric design collection by Rosanna Hope. After desiging the classic Warhol design from my original Jazzy Jasmine Doll Fabric,  I had  a request for a more subtle color wave, so now I have 4 color waves  and several different sizes of this little doll.

Jazzy Jasmine Classic is the true bright typical colors of a Warhol inspired design.
My other color waves at present are Jazzy Jasmine Aubergine, Jazzy Jasmine Olive and Jazzy Jasmine Mocha.  This fabric is printed either on a cotton quilting weight design or can be printed on Organic cotton. Also available is an upholstery fabric.

I also added Jazzy in a  coordinate striped pattern for her original design to compliment all your nursery designs.  Very soon, keep tuned , Jazzy Jasmine is featured on one of my personalized New Baby Blanket Design Collection.


1 comment:

Kristopher K Design said...

Loving "Pop Art" Jazzy ;)

Have a wonderful weekend,
Cheers, Kris