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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trixie the tooth Fairy Pillow by Rosanna Hope for Babybonbons

I wanted to show you all one of the pillows that just sold in my Etsy shop. Trixie the Tooth Fairy is the last hand painted tooth fairy pillow I will be doing as I am now starting to print many of my designs and she will be available soon as printed personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows and also Yes, Tooth Fairy Tuckies!  ( little blankets)  .

I am trying to decide between two words for my new personalized blankets, any ideas?   I thought about Babybonbon Bundles and the smallest  one would be the Bitty or Bitsy , however I might revert back to what my 3 daughters called their little blanket, Their TUCKIE!   I would always tuck them in at night and said Tuckie tuckie in and it became just that...Maybe the Tiny Tuckies  ....let me know your thoughts.  I am trying to tie it all in to the Babybonbons. They are all going to be personalized also.
Okay, Trixie was embellished with just a tiny part of my hugh stash of trims. Remember I went crazy last year and bought out a vintage fabric shop.

She is hand painted and has a little pocket on the back  for that special little surprise for your little diva when her tooth falls out. I will be making little guy tooth fairy pillows again very soon.

So if you know of a little gal or fellow needing a little Tooth Fairy pillow soon, drop me a note....and I will let you know exactly when The Tooth Fairy will be available to make a special visit to your house.
And have a very safe and yummy weekend...
Rosanna Hope


Sandy said...

I vote for bundles! Beautiful blanket bundles for your beautiful baby bundle!

Rowan Jacqueline Beckett said...

These are completely adorable. . .